The Importance of Pet Exams in Amelia, OH

Regular pet exams increase an animal’s chances of living longer and enjoying excellent health through each stage of life. Whether your pet family includes dogs, cats, exotics, or a mix of all three, they all have important needs. What’s more, these needs will inevitably change as your pets grow older. At All Creatures Animal Hospital in Amelia, OH, we want to help you build and maintain a stronger, lasting bond with your companions and give them the care they deserve as part of your family.

The pet exam is a critical first step that also lays the foundation for your companion’s care in the years to come. Our goal is to provide them with maximum protection against illness, and early and effective treatment in case infection or disease does develop.

If it’s been at least a year since your pet has seen the vet, it’s time for a checkup! Call (513) 797-7387 to schedule an appointment.

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Our Wellness Plans Make Pet Care Easier and More Affordable

Keeping pets healthy is a big responsibility, and it can be stressful at times! We hope to reduce some of that stress with our wellness plans for dogs and cats, which combine many essential health care services, including physical exams, vaccinations, and blood and parasite screens, into an affordable annual package.

Learn about our annual wellness plans below:

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Why Prevention is the Best Medicine

Dogs, cats, and all manner of exotic pets are good at concealing pain and illness. Often, by the time they start showing symptoms, their condition has drastically worsened and is harder to treat effectively. At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we’re advocates for routine preventive care because it can save your pet from the stress and suffering of illness and help them live longer. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms can also lower a pet’s quality of life and cause a variety of health issues.

The best way to prevent and/or control disease and the spread of infection is to meet with your vet regularly to discuss your pet’s needs and see that they get the care they need. To enroll in one of our wellness plans and make an appointment, call (513) 797-7387 today.