Reproductive Services in Amelia, OH

We are happy to work with experienced dog breeders to help ensure successful pregnancies and healthy litters. Dr. Linda Meakin has a strong professional interest in canine reproductive services here in Amelia, OH, and she even breeds and shows dogs of her own. With her expertise, she is able to provide specialized services for breeders raising show dogs, offering in-depth knowledge and plenty of personal experience to assist members of the dog breeding community.

Contact us at (513) 797-7387 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda.

Reproductive services in Amelia OH
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Services We Can Provide for Breeding Dogs

Our team at All Creatures Animal Hospital can provide the following reproductive services to your dogs:

  • Transcervical insemination
  • C-sections
  • Pre-breeding exams
  • Herpesvirus testing
  • Parasite testing
  • Guidance on breeding and ovulation timing

The Pre-Breeding Exam

If you are breeding a female, we need to make sure she’s healthy and prepared to handle the demands of pregnancy and puppy rearing. Young and fertile dogs are always ideal. During the pre-breeding exam, we’ll conduct a full physical exam and reproductive exam, and verify that your dog is negative for any parasites and up-to-date with all their immunizations.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Transcervical insemination is a minimally invasive procedure in which fresh-chilled, frozen, or fresh semen is safely deposited into the female’s uterus. This method is very effective and requires no recovery or downtime afterward.

Ovulation Timing

Ovulation occurs in dogs only when their progesterone levels have reached or exceeded >4ng/ml. Insemination should be performed 2 to 4 days after ovulation, so timing is critical. If you need tools to help you time your dog’s ovulation, be sure to contact us for recommendations. Vaginoscopy, vaginal epithelial cytology, and luteinizing hormone assays are just a few examples.

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